CMEpalooza Part Deux

It’s ba-ack!

Back by popular demand (or something like that), CMEpalooza returns October 15 with a new format (panel-only) and a new name (CMEpalooza Fall). Though we briefly considered calling it some variation of “CMEpalooza 2” (CMEpalooza II: The Panels Strike Back; CMEpalooza 2: Judgement Day; CMEpalooza 2: Temple of Outcomes; CMEpalooza 2: Electric Boogaloo), we settled on the much more boring “CMEpalooza Fall” to set it apart from the original CMEpalooza and because, well, it’s in the fall (and yes, I realize that my title satirizing Star Wars should technically be “CMEpalooza II: Attack of the Panels”, but those “first” three movies are crap and I’m pretending they don’t exist.)

While CMEpalooza Fall will be a departure from the original, never fear, we will return to the original format for the spring version of the palooza. You can read all about CMEpalooza Fall over on the CMEpalooza blog and please, please, please, feel free to send me your suggestions for topics and/or speakers. I’m probably nuts for trying this again – and ramping up the difficulty level – but I like a challenge and I think the panel-only format could be really great with the right topics and speakers. I guess we’ll see…

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