Another Snow Day

This is a close approximation to what my house in northwest Philadelphia currently looks like.







We’ve had so much snow, I don’t think my kids even remember what school is anymore. It’s starting to turn into Lord of the Flies around here and I’m afraid I might be Piggy.

Anyhoo, all that is just a terrible segue for me to let you know that I’ve had a lot of time in front of the old MacBook Air, lately, and I’ve more or less finalized the CMEpalooza schedule. We’ve expanded the palooza to include an extra day (March 21), starting at 10 AM ET each day and ending somewhere after 3 PM. East coast bias? Yes, probably, but too bad, left-coasters. Wake up early, grab another Venti soy chai latte with extra foam and you’ll be fine (all this snow is making me unsympathetic as well as grouchy. Yikes.). You can see the March 20 schedule here and the March 21 schedule here.


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