Of Collaborations Loved and Lost

I thought we had something special,

You and I.

I thought we had a connection.
We communicated by email.
We talked on the phone.
We arranged to meet in person,
We clicked.
It worked.

I thought we would do great things together,

You and I.

I thought you were the one.
You said, “Follow up.”
You said, “Get back to me next week.”
You were excited to work together.
So I did.
I emailed.

No response.

“That’s OK,” I thought to myself.
I was sure you were busy.
I’ll just wait a-while longer,
I told my laptop.
And I did.
I waited.
Another week.

No response.

“Hey,” I emailed to you,
“My email’s been on the fritz.
Wanted to make sure
you got my note.
Let me know,
if you did.

No response.

Did I do something wrong?
I wondered,
Did I misspeak?
What wrong have I done to deserve
no response?
So, I picked up the phone
and I called you.


I’m glad we were able to chat,

You and I.

I’m glad we talked, again.
You said you’d been busy.
You said you’d been traveling.
You said you’ll get back to me.
I believe you.
I’ll wait

your response.




11 responses to “Of Collaborations Loved and Lost

  1. That is a sad poem. And accurate from a variety of perspectives. Did you get “poet” or “writer” on that buzzfeed quiz?

  2. “Derek, take a moment, say your goodbyes…”

  3. If you set this to music, it could be the anthem for all consultants. A song we already know in our hearts, all too well.

  4. Truth: That song is on rotation whether you are a consultant, traditional MEC provider, technology partner, and yes, commercial supporter.
    Who knows why these things end, but it is a bit like dating: if you got a better offer just say so. I prefer to know where I stand–even if it is on the other side of a closed and locked door.

    BTW, I would set these words/lyrics to the strains of “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt. Apropos, no?

  5. My two biggest pet peeves:
    Tire kickers (want the lowest price no matter what)
    Rudeness (if a potential client has no respect for my time I will not work with them period)

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