CME Haiku

Been too busy to keep up with all the recent happening in CME? No problem, I’ve got you covered with these quick updates in (bad) haiku form. Why haiku? Why not haiku?


tempting round plate of
poached salmon and rice pilaf
license number please

for education
a meal is not essential
best track everyone


no faculty lists
on your grant applications
a fun guessing game


pew trust recommends
turn away industry funds
pay for it yourself

the other side says
why bite the hand that feeds us
we need these dollars


alliance conference
passport to innovation
rooms are going fast

ignite session stress
on stage in front of thousands
introvert needs hug


free on march 20
try cmepalooza
all the cool kids are


3 responses to “CME Haiku

  1. You just warmed the hearts of English majors everywhere (myself included)!

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