CMEpalooza Update

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on where we stand with ye olde CMEpalooza, which is still scheduled for March 20 (frankly, I’m stunned that I haven’t had to move the date, yet. I’m notorious for accidentally double-booking myself, so the fact that I seem to have scheduled this on a day that I actually don’t have anything else going on is nothing short of miraculous…)

I’ll keep this short and sweet with a few key bullet points:

I really am thrilled at the response I’ve received to the CMEpalooza idea and with how many folks have signed up to present or told me they’re looking forward to checking it out. I’d love to get a few more presentations added to the agenda before the New Year, so if you have been considering it, head on over to the website and fill out the presenter form.



One response to “CMEpalooza Update

  1. I’ll collaborate with someone on Sunshine Act..

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