A Howl for CME

I saw the best minds of my profession laid off. It’s madness, crazy hysterical sadness

Dragging themselves through unemployment at dawn, looking for another job

Levelheaded workers burning for a connection, an opportunity, another chance to be a cog in the wheel of the machinery of the system

Who wrote and edited and planned and brochured and powerpointed and webinared and essential’ed and element’ed and criteria’ed and Standard for Commercial Supported

Who bared their brains to CME under the sign of hope and saw days of work rejected, proposals staggering and falling and declining

Who got busted by muckraking newspapermen and caricature bloggers looking for stories that didn’t exist

Who saw the golden goose of commercial support blossom its gossamer wings and fall from the touch of those who would call it sin

Who cowered in drop ceilinged offices in khakis, fearing the closed-door meeting in the corner, listening to the Terror through the wall

I’m with you in this struggle, where you beat your head in wonder of the piece of your life now gone forever you gave to this beast company that drops you on the street when finished with you here’s a few bucks goodbye

I’m with you in this struggle, where you wish yourself back to the time of deep pockets, handshake agreements, winks and nods, and overflowing cubicle plains

I’m with you in this struggle, where you realize the massing crowds accept that the price of an industry to progress comes at the cost of you to regress

I’m with you in this struggle. It will get better.


Note: Yes, this is a complete rip-off of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl…

8 responses to “A Howl for CME

  1. Dont see too many literary references in this business. Well done. If you want to do a little networking, feel free

  2. Here’s to your former colleagues and friends– battered but not beaten, and with better days ahead. Happy to help however I can, even if it’s just to offer advice and moral encouragement, but possibly more.

  3. Note: “former” only applied to the colleagues part of that line. I know that the friendships endure even as career circumstances change…

  4. Bravo! It’s just as tough in my chosen profession these days. Howl on.

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