CME Learning Formats As Coffee Makers

Um…yeah, I think the title pretty much sums it up. Here we go:




Percolator/Journal-based CME

Not as popular as it once was. Seeing less and less all the time.






Rising in popularity. Loved by many for its convenience and variety. Seen by others as evidence of the downfall of humanity.


Drip Coffee Maker



Drip/Live Meetings

The old standby. While some may question the quality, many still use and prefer.


French Press

French Press

French Press/Point-of-Care CME

Once its proper use is understood, it can be quite wonderful. Useful in many different situations. Can be confusing to some and thus, underutilized.


Stovetop Espresso Pot

Stovetop Espresso Pot


Stovetop Espresso Pot/Sim Labs

Excellent substitute for the real thing.



Espresso Machine

Espresso Machine


Espresso Machine/PI-CME

When utilized correctly, it’s as good as it gets. When not, there’s potential for disaster. Cost vs use can be an issue.


10 responses to “CME Learning Formats As Coffee Makers

  1. Love the comparisons!

  2. Good ones!

    Next let’s see a related comparison based on where the coffee is obtained/purchased (i.e., homemade, SBX/Caribou/Quartermaine/etc, donut shop, 7-Eleven, gas station, resort, hospital cafeteria…

  3. What a cute, witty post! Probably not what you want to hear, right?

  4. Delighted that your article was posted in the June 2013 MeetingsNet magazine and introduced you to me for the first time! Having and finding fun in what I do everyday – you reminded me again! Made me think back to early 2000 when I poked fun at us in CME with a, “You Might be a CME Professional If…”article! Thanks for the great perspectives and keep up the good work!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Gayla. Yes, finding fun in the profession I work in is definitely part of the mission of this blog. I’m glad you found it and would love to read your article sometime!

  5. Derrick, very clever! Thanks. Can I “borrow” and show at our group’s upcoming workshop this fall? With proper citation, of course.

  6. Thanks, Derrick! This is a great tool for discussion and perspective on formats.

  7. great perspectives!

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