3-Steps For Dealing With Frustration

For whatever reason, these past few weeks I have found myself playing the role of guidance counselor more than usual. There are a lot of frustrated, unhappy people out there, both in the CME community and beyond. Here is my simple 3-step process for dealing with frustration:

Step 1: Be the better person. Never stoop to their level.

Step 2: Make them live to regret it (By being awesome, not by burning down their house or something like that…)

Step 3: Listen to this repeatedly at high volume.

You should start to feel better soon. If not, go buy yourself something you really don’t need. That works, too…


5 responses to “3-Steps For Dealing With Frustration

  1. I generally go with the Beastie Boys, but this would definitely work too. Today, I’m just concentrating on not letting anyone steal my joy. I do that well enough on my own; I don’t need to allow others to do it.

  2. Bittersweet, Derek. Sad and funny all at once. As for me, I escape to the Colorado mountains. Makes me feel blessed and lucky. And believe me, learning snowboarding forces a person to focus and tune out the killjoys in work and life.

  3. I’m big on the deep breathing and frequently repeat “they know not of what they speak”…though shopping for unnecessary things does help as a distraction. And Peter Gabriel for the music.

  4. And Bruce Springsteen. Bruce’s music always makes me smile. Tho’ I do agree with Lynn. Saw Peter Gabriel at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. One of the most stunning concerts, musically and visually, that I’ve ever attended.

  5. Short-term dealing: I’m so old-school–the Ramone’s “I Want to Be Sedated” works, but this is pretty good too. Colleen’s making me miss Colorado more than usual, but a hike in Massachusetts woods, preferably with at least one dog, also helps to bring the blood pressure down.
    Long-term: Steps 1 and 2 are essential. Living well is the best revenge.

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