CME Grant Requestor Survey

This past year, I have been much more heavily involved in the CME grant submission process than I ever was in the past and it has made me aware of the wide range in quality of grant submission sites. Some are pretty good and some are, well…less good. Considering the conversations I have had with my fellow CME colleagues, I’m not alone in my experiences.

A few weeks ago, I ran across a post on this very topic on the CME Collaborative Think Tank LinkedIn group by Hrishikesh Thakur. This is what he had to say:

LIcmeIntrigued, I corresponded with Hrishikesh a bit and found that he had created a CME Grant Requestor Survey and that he was actively seeking participants from the CME community. I agreed to help him recruit a few more participants (hint hint) and he gave me a more thorough description of his organization (Bio-Ops) and the purpose of the survey.

Bio-Ops is an operations consulting firm located in San Francisco. They have specialized in helping biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies design and implement business processes to create the ideal environment for commercial success. They have realized that there is a huge unmet need in CME grant application processes that are currently employed by Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies. With this in mind, to help Pharmaceutical & Biotech (BioPharma) companies design better CME application processes, they have designed a survey to:

• Better understanding a requestors’ needs when applying for CME grants
• Identifying major issues a requestor might have with BioPharma company grant application processes & websites
• Determining your satisfaction level with existing websites & processes
• Obtaining your suggestions for improvement

The anonymous data from the survey will be used by Bio-Ops to improve their CME grant application platform. Also, it will be used in the white paper which talks about CME grants and unmet needs.

Here is the link to the survey. If you have any involvement in the CME grant submission process, I encourage you to take 5 minutes and complete the survey. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know and I’ll make sure to pass them on to Hrishikesh. Thank you!


One response to “CME Grant Requestor Survey

  1. As each pharma company seems to have its own portal, each with its own bugs. Different browsers will work better with different portals. Also, I have written some browser scripts to make some of the portals work better for our teams. These scripts only adjust the HTML and do things like make tiny boxes with overflowing text easier to read. It certainly would be great if a standard could be created for CME grants, similar to how the SCORM standard is helping in eLearning.

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