Pfizer MEG Request for Proposal Strategies Webinar


Pfizer Track 1: Request for Proposal Update and  Highlights– Susan Connelly, Director, Pfizer

Insight Interviews: A conversation with the Community Participating in the RFP Process to Date

Questions and Answers

  1. theCMEguy
    OK, here we go. MEG Request for Proposal Strategies is topic today. #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:12:04
  2. theCMEguy
    Topics: Track 2 Refresher, Track 1 Update, panel discussion #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:13:57
  3. theCMEguy
    First RFP launched April 11. Approved proposals will be posted by Sept 30 #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:14:54
  4. theCMEguy
    Track 2 Refresher: Annual meetings – for major congresses. Support for live face to face only. 1 request per meeting. #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:16:19
  5. theCMEguy
    Track 2: broader clinical focus, unsolicited, streamlined, criterion based review, funding caps (50k national, 25k regional) #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:17:55
  6. theCMEguy
    Track 1 (RFP): High impact ed & QI is goal. RFP driven, first submit LOI (4 pages). Keep point in review is closing clinical gaps #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:19:33
  7. theCMEguy
    Track 1: will review RFP’s over broad funding range. Could ask for $2000 or could ask for up to the cap limit. #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:21:01
  8. theCMEguy
    Track 1: RFPs so far – vaccines, pain, bacterial infections, smoking, etc. #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:21:55
  9. theCMEguy
    Poll question: Have you responded to Pfizer RFP in ’12? If yes, have you requested feedback? #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:22:51
  10. theCMEguy
    >60% of audience has responded to Pfizer RFP. <50% have asked for feedback #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:28:22
  11. theCMEguy
    .@SusanBConnelly states that they are able to give some feedback on RFPs. Has had a number of convos with providers. #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:24:05
  12. theCMEguy
    @SusanBConnelly I believe it! Feedback in this area is so lacking, providers crave anything they can get. It’s great you’re willing to do it
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 13:09:37
  13. theCMEguy
    For Vaccines RFP #1: 52 LOIs submitted, 18 selected, 16 proposals submitted, 5 approved. #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:25:13
  14. theCMEguy
    Track 1: Smoking cessation – 201 LOI’s submitted, 59 LOIs selected. #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:27:13
  15. theCMEguy
    3 requestors who responded to the first RFP will share there experiences. Jack Kues, Esther Chernak, Jann Balmer. #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:29:43
  16. Note: Yikes! Horrible grammatical error! I’m hiding my head in shame (especially since I just gave my 3rd grader a lecture on the difference between “there”, “their”, and “they’re”.
  17. theCMEguy
    FYI: All 3 of these panel members had LOI’s/proposals rejected. #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:44:17
  18. theCMEguy
    Good to know. Thanks! #PfizerMEG RT @SusanBConnelly: @theCMEguy one had approvals also.
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 13:12:31
  19. theCMEguy
    Don Moore is an external reviewer and will also be sharing experience #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:30:07
  20. theCMEguy
    Balmer: Likes the RFP process, though found writing it to be challenging. Not a negative process, but had some frustrations #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:31:58
  21. theCMEguy
    Balmer: When we had questions, picked up the phone and called. @SusanBConnelly was helpful in answering questions about LOI. #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:33:12
  22. theCMEguy
    Balmer: there is a learning curve involved, especially for CME orgs not involved in research. Didn’t give themselves enough time #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:34:30
  23. theCMEguy
    Chernak (Drexel): Had more questions with the actual proposal process. Felt unclear what Pfizer wanted in proposal #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:36:28
  24. theCMEguy
    Chernak: Felt a little unsure about how much to ask for; budget limits weren’t clear. #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:38:06
  25. theCMEguy
    Connelly: We like to get feedback on the process and have made changes to the process based on it #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:39:25
  26. theCMEguy
    Kues: Found LOI process to be helpful. Allowed them to pull together teams across disciplines before developing full proposal #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:40:51
  27. theCMEguy
    Kues: each LOI had slightly different requirements. Making more uniform would make process smoother. But overall good. #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:42:38
  28. theCMEguy
    Kues: found feedback from reviews to be very helpful. #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:43:22
  29. theCMEguy
    Connelly: We are trying to refine LOI process, but be sure to carefully read instructions for each one. #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:45:04
  30. theCMEguy
    Connelly: you do need to register on our site to submit an RFP/LOI. Had a lot of new orgs submit this year #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:46:08
  31. This is a link to the registration site. You’ll have to trust me on this one.
  32. theCMEguy
    Moore: this is a set of different requirements than in the past. A number of LOI’s reviewed still in old format #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:47:08
  33. theCMEguy
    Moore: agrees that some of the instructions could be clearer. Thinks that’s being addressed via internal QI process #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:48:07
  34. theCMEguy
    Moore (vaccines): please read RFPs carefully. Sometimes elements from LOI were missing in proposal. #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:50:16
  35. theCMEguy
    Moore: in many cases, the practice gap to be addressed was not very well defined #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:51:03
  36. theCMEguy
    Moore: for outcomes, saw a lot of self report. If doing that, pay attention to survey design. Many did not have a control group #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:51:58
  37. theCMEguy
    Moore: sometimes it was assumed that certain jargon would be understood by all. Ex: “Moore’s outcomes” without explanation. #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:53:37
  38. theCMEguy
    Moore: too frequently, issue of transfer of knowledge to practice was not addressed #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 11:54:28
  39. theCMEguy
    Moore: We need to know that it’s the intervention causing change. Important to have a control group. #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 12:02:31
  40. Note: Dr. Moore also mentioned a prevalent issue with the way most objectives were written for the LOI’s/proposals, but I didn’t quite understand the point he was making. If anyone else caught it, let me know!
  41. theCMEguy
    Transparency: approved proposals will be posted in full, once LOA’s are signed. Outcomes results will also be posted #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 12:00:09
  42. This is a link to where the approved proposals will be listed.
  43. theCMEguy
    Connelly: RFP topics are related to Pfizer’s therapeutic areas of interest. #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 12:03:34
  44. According to their website:

    The 2012 Strategic Global Priorities for Healthcare Quality Improvement & Education are:

    Vaccines, Oncology, Smoking Cessation, Pain & Inflammation, Infectious Disease, Women’s Health

  45. theCMEguy
    Connelly: we are here to answer your questions and communicate about our process. #PfizerMEG
    Wed, Sep 19 2012 12:04:22

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