This Is Your Brain 30 Minutes Into A 60 Minute Webinar

OK I really need to focus now because this is the part of the program I’m most interested in and I am absolutely not going to check email on my phone while watching this so here we go focus focus focus focus focus focus did my phone just vibrate? I got a new email and I should probably check to make sure it’s nothing too important NO I need to focus on what’s being said and pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention OK I’ll just check it quickly to make sure it’s not an emergency. Ahhh it’s just another dumb forwarded email from Bob. HILARIOUS CAT VIDEO??? OK I’ll watch that quick I can still hear what the speaker on the webcast is saying and it’s only about 30 seconds HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh man that IS  hilarious I gotta watch that again HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OK definitely need to send this on to Ed he’ll get a kick out of- CRAP! What did he just say?? I gotta rewind this back and hear that again it’s the whole reason I’m watching this WHOOPS too far back. OOPS now I went ahead too far. SIGH now I’m back farther than before but good enough HEY someone commented on my Facebook status! No…no June just liked it I wonder why no one has left a comment I thought it was pretty clever and I posted it over an hour ago and SHOOT I missed it again!!! This is ridiculous I’m rewinding again and this time I’m paying attention better concentrate concentrate concentrate concentrate concentrate- oh for…”Come in!” “I know I wasn’t answering, I’m trying to watch this webcast.” “Well, I’m sorry but it’s an hour long and I’ve still got half way to go.” “OK, fine, I’ll talk to you then. Shut the door on your way out, please.” Unbelievable why did he think I had my door closed in the first place? OK where am I with this? Ugh I missed that whole section well too late now I’m just plowing ahead until I’m done or maybe I could just skip ahead to the eval? Oh I’ll give it a little more time and then skip ahead if it gets too boring NOW who’s calling???…


2 responses to “This Is Your Brain 30 Minutes Into A 60 Minute Webinar

  1. So nice to know I’m not the only one…

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