Notes From The ACCME Town Hall Meeting for Medical School Providers

  1. theCMEguy
    Hey Twitter, for the next little while I’ll be live tweeting the ACCME’s Town Hall for medical schools using #accmeTH hashtag. #cmechat
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 09:58:35
  2. theCMEguy
    I will try to keep the snarky comments to a minimum. Might be tough… #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:00:03
  3. And I think I was (mostly) successful with that. Yay me.
  4. theCMEguy
    ACCME working hard to make meeting interactive & engaging. Maybe someday have embrace social media, too? #accmeTH #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:06:29
  5. Oops, extra “have” in there.  In all honesty, though, this Town Hall was miles better than the first one the ACCME attempted a couple years ago. All in all, I thought it went pretty well with no major technical glitches.
  6. theCMEguy
    Honored to be called out by Dr. Kopelow for tweeting the Town Hall. I’ll do my best to keep everything in context… #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:11:25
  7. OK, that was unexpected. There I am, the lone tweeter for the meeting (sadly, no second tweeters lurking in the grassy knoll), when Dr. Kopelow announces to everyone “I understand that Derek Warnick is live tweeting this meeting…” and goes on to talk about his hope that any tweets about what is said are put in proper context, etc, etc. Fair enough. Thats always my goal anyway. Still, felt a little awkward getting singled out by name like that. I guess that’s the price of fame <rolls eyes>.
  8. theCMEguy
    Would be great if ACCME joined me in live tweeting sometime to help with context/perspective/etc #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:13:01
  9. In my opinion, the best way to assure that tweets about your content are put in proper context is to provide tweets for participants to respond to. I acknowledge that that might seem like a waste of time when it’s only little ol’ me doing the tweeting all alone…
  10. Mark Levine from CMS

  11. theCMEguy
    Up first: Mark Levine, CMO, Denver from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Sevices #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:09:14
  12. theCMEguy
    Levine: CMS has gone under large transformation due to leadership from the topic (e.g. Don Berwick) #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:18:22
  13. theCMEguy
    Levine: CMS needs to align goals of professionals w/ goals of CMS to drive healthcare transformation #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:24:21
  14. theCMEguy
    Levine: Prefers the term “professionals” to “providers”. More respectful. #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:25:34
  15. This is in reference to healthcare professionals/providers, not CME providers.
  16. theCMEguy
    Levine: CME is an accredited CME provider. Mostly do internal programs (RSS) but believes they could do more with edu community #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:26:59
  17. Well, that makes no sense. CMS is an accredited CME provider.
  18. theCMEguy
    Levine: Asks, how can CMS support your activities to for medical professionals and drive transformation? #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:28:48
  19. theCMEguy
    Levine: current system (fee for service, silo-ed care) makes it difficult for professionals to help each other. #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:34:46
  20. Siloed? Silo-ed? Silod? I have no clue…
  21. theCMEguy
    Levine: curriculum development in CME is hard. More individualized. No system for addressing national gaps #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:36:30
  22. theCMEguy
    MK response: CMS should publish regional/national data and that would drive CME curriculum. #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:38:12
  23. From here on out, “MK” refers to Murray Kopelow. OK? OK. Great
  24. CME “State of the Union”

  25. theCMEguy
    Up next: Murray Kopelow w/ “State of the Union” #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:42:08
  26. theCMEguy
    MK: Most non-accreditations come from initial applicants #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:43:42
  27. theCMEguy
    MK: 137 medical schools; 124 are accredited providers. #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:44:35
  28. Dr. Kopelow followed this up by saying that when they discussed this with the schools that were not accredited, they found that most of them worked in joint-sponsorship with other providers.
  29. theCMEguy
    MK: Since Nov 2008 – 102 medical schools have undergone reaccred. Are “above avg” in amount w/ AwC #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:47:15
  30. AwC = Accreditation with Commendation.
  31. theCMEguy
    MK: Most common compliance problem is C7 (SCS2) e.g. not disclosing COI (my side note: C’mon people! Seriously…) #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:49:25
  32. I mean, really. If it’s a CME activity, you have to provide disclosure. Every.Time. It’s not that hard a concept to understand. Sheesh! (Now I’m annoyed…)
  33. theCMEguy
    Up next: Addressing questions from the audience. #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:50:05
  34. RSS’s (Regularly Scheduled Series [A.K.A Grand Rounds])

  35. theCMEguy
    Q: Are global objectives for RSS’s ok, rather than for individual sessions? A: Yes. #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:51:29
  36. theCMEguy
    Q: RSS eval requirements A: You need to have info to meet C11. It’s up to provider to decide how that is done. #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:52:28
  37. Measuring Learner Change

  38. theCMEguy
    Q: Please share options for measuring learner change in addition to commitment to change. Anyone? #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:55:57
  39. theCMEguy
    From audience: Ask clinical question pre/post/follow-up. Ask what they are now doing in practice. #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 10:59:27
  40. theCMEguy
    Personal opinion: there seems to be a gap between what ACCME considers “acceptable” outcomes & what other stakeholders accept #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:04:48
  41. I’ll explain. Dr. Kopelow used the following as an example of one way to measure change:

    Ask your audience to raise their hand if they will make a change in their practice based on what they learn.
    80% raise their hand. Thats a measure.
    Now ask an individual what specifically they will change. That’s another measure
    Ask the audience to raise their hand if they will change the same change in their practice as that individual. That’s another measure.
    And so on.
    This is acceptable measurement of outcomes for the ACCME and for your files (as long as you document it, of course). Now, how do you think it would fly if you submitted a grant request and in your proposal, you outlined the process above as your method for measuring outcomes? Maybe it would be perfectly fine. I have my doubts though…
  42. Joint sponsorship

  43. theCMEguy
    Q: What mechanisms do providers use to ascertain that standards are being followed in joint sponsorship? #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:08:54
  44. theCMEguy
    Answer from audience: educate/training necessary for joint sponsors on standards. Need oversight from accredited provider. #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:11:06
  45. theCMEguy
    Answer from audience: main issues with joint sponsorship is that frequently JS’s “don’t get it”. Our job is to make them understand #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:13:26
  46. theCMEguy
    Personal opinion: if you have a lot of headaches with joint sponsors, maybe you’re working with the wrong orgs… #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:15:16
  47. I’ve had many positive experiences working with joint sponsors. If your partners are causing you problems, don’t partner with them. There are plenty of others out there who do. I know, I know…easy for me to say. The unspoken issue here is $$$. I get it. Still, at some point the headaches aren’t worth the accreditation fee.
  48. theCMEguy
    MK: most of orgs who have dropped accreditation are small orgs w/ 1-2 meetings a year. Not cost effective, JS better. MK agrees. #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:18:08
  49. MOC

  50. theCMEguy
    MK: ACCME working w/ MOC to align objectives. Just finished meeting w/ stakeholders to discuss. #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:27:11
  51. theCMEguy
    MK: believes direction MOC is going is that boards will require delegates get CME that satisfies competencies #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:30:44
  52. theCMEguy
    Kate Regnier: providers are using RSS’s to start the process of teaching “What is MOC?” and then build on that over time #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:41:04
  53. Financials of CME

  54. theCMEguy
    Q: Does the ACCME have plans to lobby Congress to consider funding CME? A: the ACCME does not lobby #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:47:13
  55. theCMEguy
    Q: How are other Medical Schools handling the financials of CME? #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:48:01
  56. theCMEguy
    A: Some institutions are moving from considering CME a perk to considering it a strategic asset & increasing internal funds #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:49:20
  57. Social Media

  58. theCMEguy
    Q: Does the ACCME have any plans to dip their toe in the social media waters? #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:50:12
  59. I honestly don’t remember if I submitted this question or not. Probably. It sounds like me.
  60. theCMEguy
    A: Other than a blog, do not see value of Fbook, Twitter, Linkedin for what they do. #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:51:03
  61. Hey, a blog from the ACCME would be cool.
  62. theCMEguy
    MK: ACCME supports providers using SoMe to facilitate change in new ways. #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:53:15
  63. theCMEguy
    ACCME has examined social media and does not see a way that they can use it currently. Supports its use by providers, though #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:55:33
  64. theCMEguy
    Here’s a few of my own suggestions on how ACCME could use SoMe #CMEchat #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 11:57:16
  65. First, let me say that I was happy to hear Dr. Kopelow say that the ACCME supports engagement in social media by their providers. That’s definitely a step in the right direction. However, I disagree with two other points that were made.

    1) I think it’s a mistake to assume that the primary target audience for the use of social media in their profession are currently high school and college aged kids. I know plenty of people that age who couldn’t care less about Facebook or Twitter, just as I know plenty of people in their 40’s and 50’s who use those platforms every single day. These tools are being used by professionals in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, etc RIGHT NOW. Will that audience grow as the Millennials age? Yeah, probably. But we don’t need to wait for that.
    2) I DO think their is a  way for the ACCME to use social media (of course). Here is the link to the blog post I mentioned in my tweet above:
  66. Here’s an example of why I think a social media strategy for the ACCME is important. Check out the series of tweets below fromlater in the Town Hall meeting.
  67. theCMEguy
    MK: if there is no potential for COI (based on content: no mention of products/services of CI)… (n/1) #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 12:31:34
  68. theCMEguy
    …there is no need to collect COI disclosure froms from faculty. Still need to disclose “No COI” to audience. (n/2) #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 12:33:14
  69. theCMEguy
    I think I got that last point by MK right. Got a little confused during the explanation… #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 12:35:25
  70. This was a key learning nugget for me from this meeting. It was something new that I learned and was obvious from the reaction of the other participants that it was new to them, too. It is something that I think is valuable info that CME professionals from all provider types would like to know. So, what is the best channel for the ACCME to distribute this bit of information? Send out a mass email? Maybe, but I’m not sure it’s so important that an email needs to be sent to everyone on the ACCME’s mailing list. That would get annoying after awhile. But, if the ACCME had a Linkedin page or a Facebook page, it would be an easy process for them to write a quick update to let people know about this piece of information.
  71. theCMEguy
    For anyone interested in more CME discussion, here’s my The CME Guy facebook page #CMEchat #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 12:07:40
  72. That’s just blatant promotion right there…
  73. theCMEguy
    And we’re back with Survey Responses… #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 12:12:58
  74. Centralized COI Collection

  75. theCMEguy
    Gaps/Needs to be addressed by ACCME: 1) centralized COI collection 2)reduced documentation 3)more focus on data driven goals #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 12:14:33
  76. theCMEguy
    MK: IOM is working on centralized national COI database. Dont know if will come to fruition. ACEHP has something in works too #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 12:15:42
  77. Documentation

  78. theCMEguy
    MK: We COULD just drop documentation, but is important to have a paper trail for verification. #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 12:17:01
  79. theCMEguy
    MK: What could ACCME do differently for documentation? #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 12:17:53
  80. theCMEguy
    From the audience: Major complaint from faculty is the need to constantly disclose COI. #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 12:24:46
  81. theCMEguy
    Audience member asks if we have lost sight of our goal of improving pt care and become too focused on getting “that piece of paper” #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 13:19:48
  82. Reaccreditation

  83. theCMEguy
    MK question: Does the reaccreditation process add value to what you do? #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 13:26:29
  84. theCMEguy
    Poll question to audience: Does the Accreditation Process add value to CME? 71% Yes; 9% No; 20% I’m not sure #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 13:33:24
  85. theCMEguy
    Poll: Would you make changes to the accreditation process? 75% Yes, 6% No, 19% I’m not sure #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 13:34:39
  86. theCMEguy
    Interesting: I asked Q about surveyors surveying orgs from similar provider type. ACCME response: see it as positive not negative #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 13:52:17
  87. My exact question was whether the ACCME considers COI for their surveyors, particularly in the context of restricting surveyors from surveying organizations from the same provider type as their own organization. Dr. Kopelows response was that the ACCME certainly considers COI of their surveyors in terms of previous business relationships, etc, but they do not restrict them from surveying certain provider types. In fact, they prefer surveyors from similar provider types as the organizations being surveyed, since they might have a better understanding of how they’re run, their processes, etc.
  88. theCMEguy
    ACCME does have monitoring in place for COI of business relationships, etc of surveyors, but not for like provider types #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 13:53:46
  89. theCMEguy
    For AwC: C15 is redundant & C22 is general. Might drop them & replace with others (eg: data showing you changed practice) #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 14:02:23
  90. theCMEguy
    And we’re done. Thanks to the ACCME for the webinar and more food for thought #accmeTH
    Thu, Jul 19 2012 14:04:14

6 responses to “Notes From The ACCME Town Hall Meeting for Medical School Providers

  1. Thanks Derek, for making the time to put this together – it is appreciated.

  2. Thanks, Derek!

  3. Candace Collins-Bencze, MA/OL

    Great to read about the lack of need for a disclosure document if content does not contain mention of products or services. Did not know that either and faculty certainly do get weary of signing disclosures over and over. I hope the IMQ in Calif agrees with this stance. Derek, thank you so much for providing this synopsis of the meeting. Much appreciated.

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