Anatomy of a Tweet

  1. I wanted to put together a quick 5-minute presentation on the basics of a tweet so I would have it handy for those times when I was talking to friends and colleagues who were new to Twitter. This is what I came up with.

  2. SLIDE 1

  3. You can download the full presentation here: 

  4. SLIDE 2

  5. SLIDE 3

  6. Note: You can include – and search by – more than one hashtag

  7. SLIDE 4

  8. Note: The “@” must be the first character in a tweet for it to be an @ reply. If you want to @ reply someone, but want all followers to see it, start your tweet with a period. For example: .@theCMEguy You are totally awesome!

  9. SLIDE 5

  10. theCMEguy
    Mentions = anytime @username used in a tweet. Will show up in Mentions tab. Can mention multiple @usernames #AOAT
  11. Note: If you begin a tweet with multiple @usernames, it will not be an @ reply. All followers will see it, but it well show up in the @usernames Mentions tab.

  12. SLIDE 6

  13. Note: MT = modified tweet; HT (or h/t) = hat tip 

  14. SLIDE 7

  15. Note: Completely silly that Twitter does not have an Edit & RT option

  16. SLIDE 8

  17. Note: Again, silly they don’t have a normal “Edit & RT” option. The “Quote Tweet” option is OK, but it’s harder to read. I added the “>>” myself to easier distinguish between my comments and the original tweet.

  18. SLIDE 9

  19. Note: This is the ONLY option for sending a tweet to someone that cannot be read by anyone else. By the way, the end of the tweet should read “…between sender and recipient”. 

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