A Conversation With Dad About What CME Director’s Do





2 responses to “A Conversation With Dad About What CME Director’s Do

  1. Hey Derek: Try not to feel too bad about Dad’s befuddlement. Our CME careers seem perplexing to our parents…it’s a lot for them to digest.

    Years ago I worked in a medical education department in a pharma company when that group still reported into marketing. During a layoff I was redeployed to drug development. It took my mother 10 years to realize that I no longer worked in pharma marketing or drug development. Only in recent years did she proudly announce to her doctors that her daughter worked in CME. She seemed to think that made me an expert on her medical conditions. Of course it didn’t. But thankfully I learn quickly and my long experience with writing needs assessments and content proved helpful at times.

    So it’s actually pretty good if your father tells everyone you “teach doctors.” That’s far better than being a CME Director who works in “marketing.” 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing Colleen. I think you can also relate to my experience that it doesn’t get any easier to explain when you move on to a consulting role, either… 🙂

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