Live Tweeting a CME Grant Submission

  1. For no particular reason, one day last week I decided to live tweet a grant submission…
  2. theCMEguy
    Just for the heck of it, today I’ll be live tweeting a CME grant submission using #CMEgrant Contain your excitement #CMEchat #CMEreg
  3. Right away, there was trouble.
  4. theCMEguy
    On grantor’s website, can’t find link to begin submission. Off to a rousing start. #CMEgrant
  5. But then things started to get better.
  6. theCMEguy
    Finally found link. Actually able to enter login and password from memory. This is a small miracle. #CMEgrant
  7. I can’t remember anything, so it really was a miracle. 
  8. theCMEguy
    Entering grant submission site, got a pop-up informing me site will time-out after 2 1/2 hours. If this takes me that long, I quit #CMEgrant
  9. Really, the pop-up wasn’t too annoying. It faded out after a few seconds and I didn’t need to click anything.
  10. theCMEguy
    Great. The time limit pop-up appears on EVERY SCREEN. Not annoying at all. Much sarcasm to come. #CMEgrant
  11. OK, THAT was annoying. I didn’t need to be reminded on every single one of the 11 screens that I had a 2 1/2 hour time limit. Sheesh.
  12. theCMEguy
    To their credit, this site allows 1000 characters for the Activity Description text box. Some only allow 250, which is crazy #CMEgrant
  13. I mean really, 250 characters (including spaces) to describe your activity? C’mon! Of course, that’s not as bad as 250 characters to describe your learning objectives. That’s almost impossible…
  14. theCMEguy
    Entering start/end date on pop-up calendar causes entire site to refresh every time you advance a month on calendar. Sigh. #CMEgrant
  15. Not sure that tweet made sense. When entering the start or end date, a little calendar pops up to let you select the date. It pops up showing May and I needed to advance it to September for the start date of my program. Every time I clicked on the calendar arrow to advance to the next month, the whole web page refreshed and I had to scroll down to the calendar and advance to the next month. After the fourth time doing that, it starts to get pretty annoying.
  16. theCMEguy
    Trying to save my work, as the pop-up keeps reminding me, but can’t cuz I don’t have every field on page filled-in. Brilliant. #CMEgrant
  17. This made me laugh. There are constant reminders to save your work because of the time-out limit, but when I actually tried to save my work, I got big red error messages because I didn’t have every field completed. Some sites have a “Save and Return” option, which lets you save your work without advancing to the next page. Obviously, this one didn’t.
  18. theCMEguy
    And for some unexplained reason, when I hit the “next” button, I was redirected to the login screen w/ only half work saved. Grrr #CMEgrant
  19. After I tried saving without all the fields filled out and got the error messages, I filled out the empty fields and clicked “next”. That’s when the above happened. So much for saving my work. I was…not happy.
  20. theCMEguy
    Success! Was able to click on the “next” button without getting logged-out! #smallthings #CMEgrant
  21. Yay.
  22. theCMEguy
    Never a good idea to require the agenda be put in a memo field. Hard to format properly. Has to be hard to read on other end. #CMEgrant
  23. I suppose there’s a reason some of these sites ask for things like the agenda to be Cut & Pasted into a memo field rather than included as an attachment. I would think it’s much easier for them to read an attachment, but what do I know?
  24. theCMEguy
    Have now been asked twice, in completely separate areas, to paste agenda into memo field. Efficiency at its finest #CMEgrant
  25. I have no idea why. They just asked for it twice. 
  26. theCMEguy
    FYI: “ACCME” is NOT a category of credit. “AMA” (PRA Cat 1 or 2) is. Often see this mistake on grant submission sites #CMEgrant #CMEreg
  27. This happens a lot. On this site, they listed both “ACCME” and “AMA” under their categories of credit, which is fairly common. I selected both of them because one time (with a different grantor) I only selected “AMA” and received an e-mail telling me I needed to go back in and also select “ACCME”. Whatever.
  28. theCMEguy
    Every time I click “next” button, get pop-up reminding me system will time-out in 21/2 hours. Have to click a 2nd time to advance #CMEgrant
  29. This only started halfway through the process. Again, not a big deal, but all these small annoyances start to add up after awhile.
  30. theCMEguy
    Crap, this one has its own budget template. My dream is for all these sites to someday have common templates. Pipe dream? #CMEgrant
  31. Some sites will let you upload your own formatted budget. I love those sites. Some (most?) make you fill out their own online template. This is probably the most time consuming part of the grant submission process.
  32. theCMEguy
    Had to pause to let the dog out. Doesn’t he realize I only have 21/2 hours to complete this submission??? #CMEgrant
  33. The offending party. He’s very persuasive.
  34. theCMEguy
    And even though I’ve already pasted in my agenda 2 times already, I’m also attaching a separate doc with the agenda. Why not. #CMEgrant
  35. Again, I don’t know why. I just do what they tell me…
  36. theCMEguy
    Told I can submit additional docs using field labeled “Optional”. Unable to find this field anywhere, I move on. #CMEgrant
  37. Yep. I went back and looked again. There is absolutely nowhere on this site where there is an “Optional” field that allows the user to upload additional documents. 
  38. 1 hour and 45 minutes later, I finish. 

2 responses to “Live Tweeting a CME Grant Submission

  1. This is one of the funniest blog posts ever. Sadly, only a handful of people will understand the insanity of this. I could post something similar about uploading outcomes data.

  2. So true.

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