Conversations With The ACCME: Compliance Of An Alternative Method For Industry Funding Of CME

What follows is an exact replication of a scenario I presented to the ACCME and their response to my question as to whether the scenario would be compliant with the Standards for Commercial Support. My scenario is in italics and the ACCME’s response is in bold. Please keep in mind that this information is applicable only in the context of specific facts and circumstances provided to the ACCME.


An organization specializes in developing unique learning modules which are based on their core curriculum and self-funded. At times, commercial interests will approach them and ask them to do a module on “x” (for this scenario, let’s use “Type 2 Diabetes: Oral therapies through insulin combination” as an
example). The CME organization looks at their core curriculum to see if the topic is a match. If it is, they’ll do the module (funded by the commercial interest). If it doesn’t fit their core curriculum, they won’t do it. There is no other dialogue with the commercial interest beyond that and the CME organization controls the entire content development process.

The scenario you describe would not be in compliance. “Oral therapies through insulin combination” is the topic and the content of the CME, and the commercial interest has picked the topic and the content.  See 


8 responses to “Conversations With The ACCME: Compliance Of An Alternative Method For Industry Funding Of CME

  1. Yay I was right! I love when you post these; luckily I’ve not been surprised by having my instinctive answer countered by those you post from the ACCME. In general, though, they’re great refreshers and learning tools.

  2. andrea gaymon

    The topic headline doesn’t seem to match the content?

    • A few others mentioned that, too. My thought was that in this scenario, the “grantor” was “commissioning” the CME activity. But I can understand how others wouldn’t get that from the title. So, I renamed it. Thanks for the input.

  3. Is this an advertisement for Pergo within the content? So bad. So very bad.

    Have i taught you nothing?

  4. For me, the question that remains is just how this scenario differs from an RFP? Isn’t the commercial supporter also “picking the topic” when they send out an RFP?

  5. Can you ask them that? I’d be curious to hear the answer, since that’s got me scratching my head too.

    • Oh, I did. I asked immediately after I got the initial answer. No response. I decided not to push it any further. If someone else wants to badger them about it, be my guest…

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