Where The Out Of Compliances Are

The time Max forgot to get signatures on one LOA

and another

his surveyors called him “OUT OF COMPLIANCE!”
and Max said “IT DOESN’T MATTER!”
so he was sent away, with threats of probation.

That very evening in Max’s office a skyscraper grew

and grew-

and grew until his ceiling stretched a million miles high
and the walls became a Starbucks or two

and an elevator came on by with an empty car for Max
and he rose up through light and dark

and in and out of clouds
and almost over the moon
to where the Out of Compliances are.

And when he reached the floor where the Out of Compliances are
he saw exhibits in lecture halls and lectures in exhibit halls

content discussions with CI’s and incomplete disclosure forms

and Max shouted “ENOUGH!”
and amazed them by showing his

Letter of Agreements with not one signature
and they were scared and called him the most out of compliant of all

and made him CEO of all the Out of Compliances.

“And now,” cried Max, “let the wild reception start!”

“Now stop!” Max said and sent the Out of Compliances to their cubicles
to write progress reports. And Max the CEO of the Out of Compliances was sad
and wanted to be where someone would come to him for certified-CME.

Then on his iPhone from all around the world
he got emails asking for CME credit
so he resigned as CEO of where the Out of Compliances are.

But the Out of Compliances cried, “Oh please don’t go-
we’ll report you to the ACCME-we love you so!”
And Max said, “No!”

And the Out of Compliances exhibited in lecture halls and lectured in exhibit halls
and discussed content with CI’s and kept incomplete disclosure forms
but Max steeped into his private elevator and waved farewell

and dropped back past the moon
and in and out of clouds
and through the light

and into the dark of his very own office
where he found his Certificate of Accreditation waiting for him

and there was no probation.


An author who dearly deserves a better tribute than a writer such as I am able to afford him, Maurice Sendak – who passed away today – was a true inspiration to me. Here’s hoping for splendid nightmares for all…


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