The Sunshine Act & CME: Are You Prepared?

Er…so, I am definitely NOT the right person to explain the Sunshine Act and how it might impact the CME community (side note: can we all just agree that it’s ok for me to use “impact” as a verb because I still have no clue when to use effect vs affect? Super. I need an editor.) I have a general understanding of it, but nowhere near the level of comprehension as the incredibly smart guys over at the CME Coalition. Check out their Sunshine Act Resources Center for more specific information.

Next week – Tuesday at noon EDT to be specific – we are going to have a special #CMEreg Twitter chat with guest “tweeters” from the CME Coalition on the Sunshine Act and its impact on CME. This will be little different format than past #CMEreg (or #CMEchat) chats in that we will be using a Q&A format between the moderator and guest and then answering any questions from others in the “audience”. I will be moderating and asking predetermined questions from my @theCMEguy account. The CME Coalition will be responding from their @cmecoalition account. As already mentioned, we will use the #CMEreg hashtag for those who want to follow along.

I envision the chat to flow as follows: @theCMEguy asks question –> @cmecoalition responds –> others on chat ask questions, respond to questions, comment, etc –> @cmecoalition responds as they are able –> @theCMEguy restores order (ha!) and asks next question.

I’m not so naive as to think this is EXACTLY how it will go – this is Twitter after all – but am thinking of it as a rough structure. If possible, I ask for a little patience with your questions as it may take @cmecoalition a couple tweets to get through their response to the question at hand. On the other hand, I really have no idea what to expect. There may be a ton of questions or there might not be any at all. Either one is ok. I know people will be lurking and I’ll archive the chat so it can be read by those not available to participate live. If we get too many questions to answer during the chat (not likely, but you never know), the CME Coalition has agreed to answer them at a later time and I’ll post them somewhere for all to see.

We’ll be covering three main topics:

1) What do CME providers need to know about the Sunshine Act?
2) If it is passed, how will the Sunshine Act impact their lives?
3) What can CME providers do now?

I will try to post more specific questions next week, if possible.

OK, I think that about covers it. Once again, make sure you visit the CME Coalition’s website for resources you might find useful in learning more about the Sunshine Act and how to write a response. REMEMBER: responses are due to the HHS on February 17 (that’s next week people!)


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