Our Favorite Tools For Increasing Productivity: A #CMEchat Link Dump

Today’s blog post is basically just going to be a link dump. We had a really interesting #CMEchat conversation about the various techy tools we use to make our professional lives easier. Below are comments that were made about specific tools along with links to them. I tried to organize them as best I could, but there were a lot! To read the entire #CMEchat transcript, go here.


I just downloaded Socialite for Mac – not sure if I like it yet


I have found that I like listening to TweetSpeaker on the iPhone while I drive, it reads all the tweets that I missed.


I like tweetchat for twitter chats

Me too


TweetDeck is my main tool. Makes tweeting, tweetchats, etc much easier. Don’t like the re-design tho

Tweetdeck is good but can be overwhelming

I only use TweetDeck for Twitter. Some like to bring in LinkedIn, FBook, etc, but I prefer not to

The auto-refresh is what puts TD over the top for me


We stopped using Tweetdeck owing to the superior reporting capabilities of Hootsuite

agreed, i used Hootsuite too

Hootsuite app…only way to stay plugged in.


Does anyone use #socialbro to organize subjects?


I’m a  big fan of Evernote for curating content

ah, just discovered Evernote myself…awesome

If you use @Evernote, and add @myEN to it, all your tweets go into your Evernote acct

Evernote and Instapaper are great for saving your SoMe travels.

Evernote can also record in addition to features mentioned by @medpedsdoctor

used @Evernote Hello at the ACEHP meeting with a few people: still have @theCMEguy ‘s cool photo!

EvernoteHello loads into Evernote.  It takes a pic, remembers location, and can input directly into contacts.  free app 

E’note Hello one of many add-ons that offer specific features for the main app.


Dropbox , Evernote are two not to live without

Agree! Big fan of DropBox…

Dropbox is a great way to connect multiple devices to eliminate the need for version control 


Foursquare…only way to find out where @meducate is each day. 😉

I’m curious: do some use Foursquare for safety reasons (in case they don’t show up to something, know “last location

I don’t use it so my stalkers can’t find me 

I admit that Foursquare still baffles me. I don’t “get it” and I get a lot…

If you think #foursquare is awkward wait till you try #glympse


Happtique Pro (medical app curation).  Webicina (same).  MedCalcProSkyscapeRedBook (pediatric-specific).


I love Zite for my tablet. It’s a great way for me to discover new content, new blogs, etc


i saw awesome note and was wondering about it. thx for the tip, will have to check out their UI.


Any Flipboard users out there? Had questions at #acehp12 from people wondering about RSS readers for tablet 

Flipboard=slick, but I always forget about it

I’m becoming a bigger fan of Flipboard every day – key is to customize the view, though!


Smartr, FLUD, Toodledo, Currents, PaperDesk


use Google Reader and delicious on my phone most days


DuetBrowser on the tablet is pretty snazzy as well.  SidebySide: 4 sites all on one page. 


#xobni has changed my inbox, able to keep track of each contact in the context of our conversation/project.

Used xobni when I ran windoze in emulation on my Mac but no native Mac client still?


I use ubuntu one for remote file sharing across devices and a nifty, small encryption tool for notes called fsekrit.


Has anyone had success with GoogleDocs or Microsoft360 to collab?  I did w limited success in content dev but failed at grant dev.

@timclynch you were my entree into Google Docs now i use it for everything 


Have any of you used Easy Assessment?  tablet assessment tool (I think built for high school teachers?)

Easy assessment sounds interesting. 


2 responses to “Our Favorite Tools For Increasing Productivity: A #CMEchat Link Dump

  1. The TweetChat suggestion is a good one and I’ll try it out during my next #cmechat.

    During the discussion about email filing, I mentioned MsgFiler (www.msgfiler.com) which is a keyboard-based email filing application for Apple Mail. Works great if you are a heavy email filer and prefer keyboard shortcuts over mousing.

    Nice job moderating this last chat, Derek.

    • Thanks, Chris, and thanks for including the link! I noticed when I was reviewing the #CMEchat archive that a few tweets got dropped from the original conversation, including your tweet about msgfiler. Not sure why; must be a glitch with the program. Anyway, I’m about to spend a load of cash at the Apple store buying my first Mac, so I’m anxious for all the Mac help I can get! 🙂

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