My Personal Highlights From #acehp12

A few quick personal highlights from this years Alliance for CEHP conference:

1. Helping out at the emerging tech session Saturday morning and seeing so many new “egg” avatars popping up in the #acehp12 twitter stream.

2. Session M40 on physician empathy. Off-beat topic, nice use of Prezi and video, got the audience involved by demo’ing gloves that simulated MS and arthritis, and a free glass of wine. What more could you want?

3. Swapping stories with Brian McGowan in the hotel bar until the wee hours of the night (for those of us who consider 8:30 PM to be the wee hours…)

4. The Monday evening tweet-up which ranged from a serious discussion of the limits of social media use by physicians to busting each others chops.

5. Telling a colleague I met in person for the first time that I was an introvert and having her respond “YOU’RE an introvert?!?” Eye-opening for me.

6. And best of all, the realization of how many more people I knew and felt that I could call friends despite having never met them in person. Just an amazing, amazing experience. Whenever people ask me why they should “do” social media, this experience will be among the first things I tell them.


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