The 12 Days Of CME Christmas

Sometimes I have ideas that end up working out far better than I ever anticipated.

And sometimes they fail miserably.

For instance: deciding to re-work the lyrics of  The 12 Days of Christmas using CME terminology and then singing them in a fake voice that sounds like Will Ferrell impersonating a drunk Robert Goulet while being strangled (only more off-key), was probably not one of my better ideas.

It’s awful. Simply…awful. But, hey, I spent time on it (that’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back), so I’m going to post it.

For the record, here are the 12 days:

12 Completed Evals
11 Attendees Tweeting
10 Posttest Questions
9 Content Reviewers
8 PowerPoint Slides
7 Disclosure Forms
6 KOL’s
Level 5 Outcomes
4 LOA’s
3 Learning Objectives
2 Site Surveyors
A Certificate for a CCMEP

Play at your own risk. Seriously, I recommend turning your volume down. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…


3 responses to “The 12 Days Of CME Christmas

  1. I’m just impressed with the 9 content reviewers…

  2. And also, yeah, sort of can’t believe I hit play on that one. But fun with technology, so points for that!

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