My Paranoid Questions About The Pfizer MEG Transformation

Last Friday, the good folks at Pfizer MEG held a very informative webinar to explain changes to their group for the upcoming year. I feel no particular need to rehash the whole thing here, particularly since Sue Pelletier did such a nice job with it here.

I did come away from the webinar with a couple of questions related to the new, more “robust”, RFP process that will be implemented sometime in April. In particular, I had a few concerns about the needs assessment and collaboration process. Am I being overly-paranoid? Yeah, probably. Should I just wait for the actual RFP’s to come out before I get too concerned? Most definitely. But I felt the questions I had, while sparked by the Pfizer MEG transformation, were applicable beyond just that group. They were relevant questions anytime commercial support was part of a CME activity.

So I did send a couple of my questions – of a more general nature – to the ACCME. You can read the questions and answers here.

I should also add that I have great respect for the changes Pfizer MEG is implementing. I believe they are truly trying to make a difference in how we educate HCP’s and the impact on patient care. How this transformation will impact me as a CME provider is hard to predict. It will be interesting to see…


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