The 5 People I Unfollow On Twitter

Here’s the formula that lead to today’s blog post:

A dry stretch of creativity + grouchy mood = blog post about things that annoy me.

I do, actually, have a reason for writing this post. I was asked by a CME colleague the other day how he could be more engaging in his use of Twitter. My response was, to start with, he could do more than just promote his programs. It struck me that my fellow CME’ers who are joining Twitter for the first time probably don’t have any idea what they are doing, just like the rest of us when we first started out (and like some of us still don’t). So I thought I would share a list of tweeting traits that give me cause to hit the “Unfollow” button. This is by no means a comprehensive list; just a few things that I personally find annoying. And yes, my streak is still alive for never having done a Top 10 list on this blog.

The Promoter: This one is specifically for my CME colleagues, but is relevant for others, too, I’m sure. Look, I understand that you want to tweet about your CME programs and activities – that’s fine, I do it too, sometimes. But give me a little something else, too, please. Comment on something. Retweet something. Do something – ANYTHING – to show there is some form of human life behind that avatar. I don’t care if you promote your programs, but if that’s all you do, I’m unfollowing.

The RT’er: Like The Promoter, if all you do is retweet other people’s stuff, with no added commentary or original thoughts of your own, I’m probably unfollowing. This is Twitter – express yourself.

The Quoter: I have followed a few people who only tweet out quotes from others. Some may find this inspirational; I find it dreadful. Automatic unfollow. (Are you beginning to sense a theme here? I’m not a big fan of the one-trick pony.)

The Mayor of 4-Square: Or is it “Four square”? I don’t know and I refuse to take the time to look up this scourge  of my Twitter feed. Honestly, I couldn’t care less that you are at the Starbucks in Utica, NY or at the Church of the Holy Redeemer with 18 others or that you just ousted Johnny Butterbritches as the Mayor of Pete’s Rock-N-Good Eats. Some might say that my low tolerance for these tweeted updates stems from my annoyance at being reminded of my lack of a social life. Others might agree. That doesn’t change the fact that if these updates make up the majority of your tweets, I’m unfollowing.

The Non Sequitur Tweeter: Although maybe funny at first, if your whole schtick is to just make random comments about random events, that gets old really fast (ed. note: @theCMEguy sent out the following unprompted tweet at approximately 1 PM yesterday:

Hilarious, right? Yeah, not so much. Do as I say, not as I do, indeed.) Definitely grounds for an unfollow.


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