My Small Dream For The CME Community On Twitter

A.K.A.  The One Where I Act Like A Petulant Little Child And Whine A Lot

The other day, one of my co-workers had a question for me:

For a CME-certified live meeting, are we required to have sign-in sheets/lead-retrievals/etc to record attendance OR would just using our credit info forms be enough?

A fairly simple question which I knew the standard answer for, but I’m not one who is satisfied with doing something simply because “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”  I was interested in hearing the thoughts of others in the CME world about this question.

My first thought was, “Oh! I should tweet this and see what others have to say.”

My second thought was, “Oh, nobody will respond.” And so, I didn’t.

Shame on me.

Shame on me for not even trying. I should have at least given it a shot. Maybe someone would have responded.

But here’s what frustrates me: yeah, maybe someone would have responded, but I can count on one hand the people on Twitter who would read that question and consider tweeting me back. I find that incredibly frustrating. I see this same sort of scenario play out with others I follow who are part of other communities (physicians, nurses, educators, marketers, etc) and watch jealously as responses roll in to their questions. I think, “Why can’t the CME community engage this way?”

My dream is to be able to tweet out a question related to CME accreditation, the Standards for Commercial Support, or whether I need to have a sign-in sheet, and get 5 to 10 replies within a couple hours. The CME community is certainly large enough for this to not be an unreasonable dream, yet the CME community on Twitter – the engaged CME community on Twitter – remains minuscule. It’s just not happening at this point.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m the only one interested in this type of crowdsourcing for these types of questions. I admit that questions about CME accreditation aren’t going to change the world or better the “science” of CME…but, dang it, this is the everyday world in which I operate and I could use some help! I assume there are others who need help, too. This – Twitter – seems like such an easy way for us all to help each other…I just don’t understand its lack of use by the community I am part of. (OK, Derek…easy big fella…deep breaths…stop pounding on the iPad keys…)

This is what I’m going to do: I’m resurrecting the old #CMEreg hashtag. I’m suggesting that if you have some kind of CME question related to accreditation, SCS, etc, you tweet it out using #CMEreg. I’m also suggesting that if these types of questions interest you, check-in with #CMEreg every once and awhile and respond. I promise to do a regular check-in and respond as I am able. If you are reading this and have no idea what I’m talking about, feel free to contact me and I’ll explain it in more detail. I’m determined that the CME community can make my dream possible and I’m not ready to give up on it just yet.


One response to “My Small Dream For The CME Community On Twitter

  1. This reminded me to check to see how long I’ve been waiting for a reply on a similar question to the FDA (if a barcode swipe of the badge would be acceptable for attendance proof at an investigator meeting, or if they had to have physical signup sheets–a pharma meeting planner asked me and I didn’t know, so I went to the source): Sent that e-mail on 8/11/11. Think I’ll hear back by 8/11/12? Me neither.

    OK, now that I got that little whine of my own out of the way, I think this is a great idea. I haven’t been paying attention to #CMEreg, but will try to remember to check in there too. I think there just aren’t that many CME professionals on Twitter, though. Maybe (I hope) I’m wrong.

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