A SoMe Journey Through 3 Natural (Almost) Disasters

It’s not everyday – or rather, every week – that we have an earthquake, hurricane, and tornado here in the Philadelphia area. Granted, it was only a tornado warning, but still, that’s nothing to sneeze at. Just for kicks, I put together a chronological running of my various social media interactions during that 5 day period. It was an amazing stretch to be on Twitter and facebook, the two platforms I utilized the most. During the earthquake, I immediately went on Twitter and within 5 minutes had confirmation that it was an earthquake, how far it ranged, and where it was centralized. For the hurricane and tornado, I more often used facebook in order to generate conversation with family and friends.

I found this little exercise to be quite fascinating, but maybe it only is to me. That’s OK. Sometimes I do things just to amuse myself (maybe I do that too often…) As a side note: I’m well aware of the devastation the hurricane in particular caused and by no means am I trying to make light of that. Yes, most of my comments below are sarcastic or tongue-in-cheek, but that’s who I am and how I deal with stress. If I never again have to grab my kids at 10:30 at night and carry them down into the basement because of a tornado warning, that’s fine by me. We were lucky enough to escape these events without major damage, and I’m very thankful for that. Others were not so lucky.

We begin this adventure immediately after the first tremors of the earthquake.


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