Why Should I Use Social Media?

Last week I wrote a blog post where I strongly encouraged (some might say berated)  everyone to find the time in their schedule for social media. Inevitably, the question came up, “Why?” Seeing as I hear this same question 50 kajillion times a day from my kids, I’m naturally an expert at answering it…by ignoring. It did seem, however, that responding to a question about “social” media by ignoring it would be counter-productive. So I opted to seek out help.

I tweeted and posted on Google+ (side note: we need an abbreviated term for “posted on Google+”. “G+’ed”, maybe?) a call for help in answering the question “Why should I use social media?”

Within 10 minutes I had 6 responses from 3 continents (That’s why I use social media!)

My personal reasons for using social media are fairly well documented.

Here are my reasons for using Twitter (slightly dated now).

Here are my reasons for blogging.

Here are my reasons for using Google+.

Here is why I think the CME community needs to use social media.

But who cares what I think?

Here are some of the responses I got via Twitter and Google+ and a few at the end that weren’t specifically directed to me, but still answer the question. A lot of these, but not all, are specifically related to social media use in healthcare.

From Neil Mehta:

Here you go. Content outline, conclusions and slides from recent presentation on my examples of using SoMe in Meded

1 Stay Current More easily
2. Find Resources
3. Get feedback on ideas.
4. Avoid washing dishes too often
As you know, social media can be considered as a great tool to share knowledge.
Keep current during “dead” time using mobile devices. No more impatience waiting in line, in waiting rooms, or anywhere else you wait.
From Brian McGowan, Sue Pelletier, and Dr. Joseph Kim: What Social Media Can Do For CME (this was a webcast from yesterday which will be archived here shortly.)


From Phil Baumann: Yet ANOTHER Post On Healthcare Blogging

Now…does that answer your question?


2 responses to “Why Should I Use Social Media?

  1. I just ran across another one today (not specific to medical folks, but still):


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