CME Hulk Interview With ACCME

Oh, boy.


So, I had made mention to CME Hulk – back when he submitted his guest post for this blog a while back (read it here) – that he should feel free to submit future guest posts whenever he was up for it. Obviously, he took me up on my offer.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit how long I sat and argued with myself over whether or not to post it. He pokes fun at the ACCME and the CCMEP, all in good fun, but anymore, I’m just not sure what people will or won’t find offensive. In the end, this made me chuckle, and that was enough for me. The CME community could use a little more humor infused in it. If you’re one who gets easily upset by good-natured ribbing, then don’t watch.

And so, I have what you see below. All I got was an email that said, “THIS FOR BLOG. IT GOOD. POST NOW.” That’s not much to go on, so I’ll preface by saying that I believe the mustachioed gentleman represents CME Hulk, and the woman with the British accent appears to be someone from the ACCME’s HR department (maybe? Do they even have an HR department?) The sound is a bit off and I noticed a couple errors (he says CCMEP instead of ACCME once [not that I’m criticizing you, Hulk]), but I found it to be fairly amusing. Likely, if you’re not familiar with the acronyms ACCME or CCMEP, you’ll have no idea what any of this mean.

Another reason I chose to post this is that I love the format he used. I have seen these self-made cartoons before and always thought they would be great for demonstrating communication skills and patient interview techniques, especially for topics of a highly sensitive nature. It would be a lot cheaper than hiring actors.

Anyway, for your enjoyment, I give you CME Hulk’s first original video (that I’m aware of): CME Hulk Interview With ACCME.


3 responses to “CME Hulk Interview With ACCME

  1. I’m crying (tears of laughter) over here…

  2. “The ACCME frowns on Canadian humor.”

    CME Hulk looks like he needs to hit the gym more. He doesn’t look like he could smash a cotton ball.

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