Not Another Blog!

I suppose the first question one must answer when starting a blog is the inevitable question of “Why?” And I suppose the easiest answer one could give when posed with this question is to say “Why not?” And while this may be the very reason why I decided to begin “Confessions of a Medical Educator”, as a seasoned CME professional, I know better. All things, of course, begin with the gap analysis.

So why did I start this blog? Because I felt like the blogosphere was missing the voice of the CME provider. I like to think that I’m fairly active in the world of social media and read more than a fair amount of CME literature. I enjoy the postings on Tom Sullivan’s Policy and Medicine blog, Brian McGowan’s CME Advocate site, and Sue Pelletier’s Medical Meetings writings, but never felt that they represented me, the CME Director of a medical education company. In fact, I don’t believe that I have ever read a blog entry written by someone who was directly responsible for the CME accreditation aspect of their organization. If I have, it hasn’t been recently. Personally, I would like to read something written from that perspective, and maybe that’s just it; maybe I’m writing this for myself. At the very least, hopefully I’ll get some enjoyment and education out of this endeavor. Maybe others will, too.

Am I the best person to be doing this? Heck, no! Frankly, I’m scared to death. I would rate the odds of me writing something that proves my idiocy beyond a shadow of a doubt as extremely high (and I may have already done so!) By no means do I consider myself an expert in the realm of CME, but I work in the field, I have some knowledge, I have a blog, and I know how to type. I’m going to give this a shot and we’ll see how it goes.

Hey…why not?


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